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Weekend time lapses: Any traffic cops available?

Weekend time lapses: Any traffic cops available?

Watching some of the videos from this week might make you wonder just how weather moves so fluidly when to us, it seems so chaotic.

There were a few days this week where the clouds were blowing one way, then blowing nearly the opposite direction just a short distance above them. That's wind shear and some instances are quite dramatic.

We also have another week of Puget Sound Convergence Zones in action.

First, let's start with the vivid wind shear of March 30:

Silverdale, courtesy of Dr. Dale Ireland.


UW Atmospheric Sciences Dept. Web cam:

March 27:

Silverdale: Clouds are pretty stalled in the a.m., but then rev up with another Convergence Zone in the afternoon.

March 28: UW: shows a good Convergence Zone late.

March 29:

Silverdale: Watch the start of the video, where you see the snow on the lower elevation so the Olympics, but then it gradually melts as the day progresses. Clouds then billow over the hills in the afternoon.

March 31: Another Convergence Zone Day! (Also, it was quite windy)



April Fool's Day had snow, but the time lapses were pretty blank due to constant low overcast all day. But April 2 had some more Convergence Zone fun:



Have a great weekend!