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Bundle Hawaii?

Bundle Hawaii?

OK, so it's a sunny, 70 degree day as I type this -- but can you imagine this feeling cold?

You all are well aware of just how cold this spring has been up until Sunday. In fact, here is a chart, courtesy of UW Research Meteorologist Mark Albright:

But it’s not just the Northwest where it's been cold. He has some other charts showing northern B.C. and a spot in the Yukon Territories where they've had a cold March, even by their standards.

But what struck me was that even in Hawaii (Hilo), it's been below normal:

Now, while that looks really frigid, with just one day above normal in the entire month of March, it's not like they're bundled up in six layers of fleece. That scale is in degrees C, and the coldest average temperature (which means, the average of the high and low that day) was 18 degrees C, or 64.4 degrees F. I looked it up, and they still got to 69 that day for a high temperature -- on par with what Seattle hit on Sunday.

So while we're out in shorts basking in the first spring day of spring, a similar day in Hawaii was probably met with scowls and shivers. :)

A few other places have recently been breaking out the scowl and shivers are in the Desert Southwest.

Albright points out that Lancaster, California, which is in the deserts north of Los Angeles, had a record low of 24 degrees -- breaking the daily record low by 8 degrees and setting their all-time record low for April, which had been 25 degrees.

But fear not -- by the end of the day, they were up at 71 degrees -- two degrees above their average high. Amazing what a lot of sunshine can do.

One last tidbit, Albright also points out that the southern rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona recorded a low temperature this morning of -5 degrees, obliterating their record low for the day by 22 degrees and marking the first time they've ever been below zero in April.

So maybe for a change, we can pity other areas for shivering a bit this spring, instead of the other way around :)