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See Redoubt's ash plume from your basement! (Sort of...)

See Redoubt's ash plume from your basement! (Sort of...)
Photo courtesy: Tom Gwilym

Tom Gwilym over at the Eastside Astronomical Society posted in his blog Sunday that he was able to capture some satellite images that show Mt. Redoubt's ash plume streaming away from the volcano over the weekend.

As I wrote about a few weeks ago, if you have the right equipment, you can download the transmissions from some of the weather satellites directly into your home computer, as Tom has done here from his computer in his Renton home's basement.

But sounds like this technology is on the way out, as future satellites will no longer be transmitting images this way.

Still Cold Out There Too

And to follow up on Monday's chilly temperature blog, the UW's Mark Albright says there were some more record lows set on Tuesday. Austin, Texas dropped to 28 degrees -- the lowest temperature they've ever recorded in April.

And over in Atlanta, they had snow -- possibly the first time it has ever snowed in Atlanta in April, although there is some conflicting information as it might have snowed enough to register a trace on April 3, 1987. Either way, pretty rare.