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Weekend time lapses: Our sun, the magician

Weekend time lapses: Our sun, the magician
Image courtesy: Dr. Dale Ireland.

The sun showed off a few tricks this week with some high clouds as its handy assistant.

A few of the videos captured a brilliant sun halo, caused by ice crystals in the clouds refracting the sunlight, much like a rainbow. But this time we also caught the sundogs (the bright lights directly to the right and left of the sun along the halo) Very cool!

But we also captured a sun pillar, which is a vertical shaft of light, usually seen at sunset. (Seen above in the photo (download full version at Dr. Dale Ireland's web site), and you'll also see it in the video below.)

Finally, on the 7th, the mountains and clouds worked with the sun to give a spectacular sunset that sort of had a double punch of brilliant color as the clouds moved through the sunlight behind the Olympics.

Without further ado, here are the best videos from the past week!

April 4:

UW Atmospheric Sciences Building: This one has the brilliant sun halo in the afternoon -- watch as the sun sets, you'll see a sun dog (bright light) appear over to the right of the sun along the halo:

Silverdale: It's not seen here at Dr. Dale Ireland's camera in Silverdale, but this one is fun to watch the marine traffic.

April 5:

Silverdale: The sun pillar is at the end.

April 7:

Silverdale: This has the great "double sunset" flash at the end.

UW: You can also see it here at the end, but not as brilliant.

April 8:

Silverdale: Watch the clouds over the mountains appear to "surf" in place all day -- as in, you can see the air moving, but the cloud itself remains locked in place.

April 9:

Silverdale: A morning of rain, followed by clearing, but this one also has a great melody of clouds billowing over the mountains. Also watch at sunset, you'll see Mt. Jupiter -- (the mountain in the middle) cast a shadow on the clouds briefly.

Have a great weekend!