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Weekend Time Lapses: Lenticular cloud edition

Weekend Time Lapses: Lenticular cloud edition

Back in December, local photographers captured some incredible lenticular clouds over Mt. Rainier.

Those clouds are amazing in the fact that they appear to be stationary, but in reality, they are just moving in place.

This week, we've got a great video showing just how that works, courtesy of our time lapses.

This video from April 16 is taken from Dr. Dale Ireland's camera in Silverdale. Watch at the end as the clouds float in place, but you can see definite movement within the cloud itself:



Here are some others of the "best of the best" of the past week:

April 11:

Silverdale: Clouds roll over the mountains again

UW: A good day of variable clouds.

April 13:

UW: A stormy afternoon.


April 15:

Silverdale: Foggy early, then sunshine, followed by brilliant crepuscular rays

UW: Just a short clip at the end of the day, but watch the clouds magically appear, then disappear.

Have a great weekend!