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Weekend time lapses: Rolling with nature's punches

Weekend time lapses: Rolling with nature's punches

Another week has passed an Mother Nature has once again put on a few shows over our heads.

Probably the most dramatic came Thursday, April 22 where a Convergence Zone danced around the Sound through the afternoon, making for some interesting rolls in the clouds as the south and north winds battled, punctuated near the evening with a radical shift in the wind from south to north in the afternoon:


Here are the rest of the week highlights:

April 17:

Silverdale, Dr. Dale Ireland's Cam: A potpourri cloud day, but watch the clouds appear to leap off the mountains late in the day.

UW Atmospheric Science Bldg: Some great bubbling clouds late as the atmosphere destabilizes.

April 19:

Silverdale: High clouds form late

UW: Great shot of clouds rolling in place.

April 21:

Silverdale: A foggy day turns to a sunny day.

UW: More streaming high clouds roll though.

Have a great weekend!