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Weekend time lapses: Hoo-ray for the weekend

Weekend time lapses: Hoo-ray for the weekend

The themes of this week's time lapses are sun rays and wind shear -- as in when cloud layers move in different directions and different levels. Several days this week featured an upper air flow vastly different than down near the ground. It's hard to notice to the naked eye, but it sure is obvious once you put it in fast motion.

Here is the one from the UW Atmospheric Sciences Building on April 24:

Both from April 29th also show good wind shear, especially the UW one, which shows clouds moving in three directions. There's also instability clouds in the afternoon and a really nice sunset:


Silverdale, courtesy Dr. Dale Ireland:

Speaking of sunset, take a look at this spectacular one posted on our YouNews site:

Back to the usual time lapses:

April 25

Silverdale: Watch the sun's crepuscular rays at sunset:

UW: Another day of "wrong way" clouds:

April 26:

UW: Good "puffs" of clouds. Could use some "oomp-pah" music as background melody :) )

April 27:

Silverdale: Clouds seem to jump-rope here early, then watch them swirl on the mountains.

UW: Cool clouds build late, then watch the crescent moon late.

Don't forget, we highlighted the stormy day on April 28th in Thursday's blog

Have a great weekend!