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Boy, did we pay for a warm November

rainy roads

 I was stuck for a blog topic today, so about another statistic about how cold it's been?

UW Research Meteorologist Mark Albright reports that this past April marked the fifth consecutive month for below normal temperatures in Seattle. It's also the 16th of the last 20 months of below normal temperatures. One of the other four, though, was the really warm November that had us all thinking this winter was going to be really tame. (OK, not really. Some of our climate forecasters were pretty good with the forecasts of a huge winter cold snap, even if it was about four weeks earlier than expected.)

We can probably blame the persistent La Nina for the overall cool weather, but the Latest advisory from NOAA says La Nina is just about gone and we're trending back to the neutral phase of normal water temperature conditions.

That bodes well for those of you longing for some summer sunshine. In fact, the long range forecasts agree.

Here is the 90 day forecast for the June-August months. First, temperature:


and here is rainfall:

That indicates that especially for the Inland Empire region of the Pacific Northwest, odds are good of a hot and dry summer. In Western Washington, it's probably more on par with a normal summer. Still, that should be enough sunshine to get some smiles on the sun fans' faces :)