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No sunshine in Paradise

No sunshine in Paradise
UW Research Meteorologist Mark Albright has been scouring the West looking for interesting weather, and boy he did find some.

First of all, close to home, Paradise Ranger Station -- about 5,500 feet up Mt. Rainier -- received 6 inches of snow Wednesday night. That brings their total to 41 inches of snow -- just since May 4th!

Albright says the depth of snow at the station is now 171 inches -- the highest it's been since the first week in April.

So where do you think would be the place to go to get some warmth -- Alaska? or Hawaii? Actually, parts of Alaska are doing well these days. King Salmon airport, which is along Alaska's South Central Coast, reached 70 degrees Wednesday (yes, warmer in Alaska than here these days).

That broke their record high of 69 degrees.

Meanwhile, down in tropical Hawaii, they are setting low temperature records with Kahului dropping to a "frigid" 60 degrees Wednesday night. OK, so as a low temperature, that's still not too shabby and it did get up to 85 degrees later that day.

So, maybe there is still sunshine in paradise, just not at Paradise :)