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Weekend time lapses: Now *that's* showers and sunbreaks

Weekend time lapses: Now *that's* showers and sunbreaks

Spring time means if you don't like the weather, just wait 15 minutes and it'll change. And this past week was no exception.

Time lapse cameras captured a few days that had some boiling clouds that brought bursts of rain, followed by sunshine.

Here are some of the best:

May 7:

Silverdale (Dr. Dale Ireland): Clouds billow; late day "chaos" in the sky


UW Atmospheric Sciences Bldg.: Watch for what appears to be hail at midday:

May 8:

Silverdale: More bubbling clouds.


May 12:

Silverdale: This is a good showers and sunbreaks day


May 14:

Silverdale: Watch the clouds change direction around midday


I'm still looking for volunteers who want to set up time lapse videos and would like to have them featured here. E-mail me at if interested.

And have a great weekend!