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Even hardy Canadians probably felt the chill

Even hardy Canadians probably felt the chill
File photo of cold woman.

If you live in Calgary, I hope you have a big dresser. It looks like you have to keep both your winter and summer clothes handy this time of year...

Check out their see-saw of a day this past week: On Sunday, they hit a nice, balmy 76 degrees (F-- obviously. If it were 76C, this would be the top story on our news site :) )

So after a nice summer weekend, you go to bed and when the alarm blares Monday morning, you look out the window...and there's 4-6" of fresh snow on the ground.

Yes, a good old fashioned cold front swept through Alberta overnight. They went from 76 at 7 p.m. CDT to 32 degrees at 9 a.m. Monday morning. (Including a drop from 75 to 57 in just two hours.)

Here is more information on the storm:

Thanks to UW Research Meteorologist Mark Albright, who found that great weather nugget.

Speaking of Mark, he also today found some great extremes of temperature

-- from a swath of record lows across New England and Eastern Seaboard to scorching heat in the Desert Southwest and the Intermountain West.

He compiled a nice list of record highs and lows on his UW Web site.

Finally, to follow up on Monday's blog entry, with the rain Monday night Seattle now sits at 3.49" of rain for the month of May (as of midnight Tuesday morning. It looks like we've received 0.01" since through 11 a.m. Tuesday).

That makes this the third wettest May at Sea-Tac in record, behind 3.70 in 1977 and 4.76" in 1948.

Once we get past Tuesday, the forecast really dries out so we might be stuck in third, but maybe we might sneak in some rain right at the end of the month.