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More weather extremes: Hot in Minneapolis, "cold" in Florida

More weather extremes: Hot in Minneapolis, "cold" in Florida
Fresh on the heels of several record highs and lows set Monday, UW Research Professor Mark Albright found this interesting tidbit Tuesday:

Minneapolis set a record high of 97 degrees, obliterating their old record of 89 degrees. But just a little ways away, it only reached 46 degrees in Duluth. In fact, the state had high temperatures ranging from 41(KGNA on that map above -- Grand Marias, MN) to 99 (KRWF -- Redwood Falls).

(Can you find the warm front? Rush City, MN (KROS on that map) is just 59 miles from Minneapolis, but only had a high temperature of 67.)

Meanwhile, break out the jackets in Florida, where Tallahassee set a record for coldest May 19th on record -- a high of 68 degrees. The previous record was 70 set in 1894 and was one of the longest-standing records in the city. Still, any city where 68 sets a cold weather record in May is something I just can not fathom.

Seattle Rain Update:

With another 0.12" Tuesday (that's all?!?! Yes, that big thunderstorm mainly stayed north of Sea-Tac Airport) Seattle has remained at the third wettest May on record, but now we're up to 3.61" and just 0.09" away from second place. We're now just in the infant stages of a building warm and dry streak, but a few showers might sneak in right at the buzzer toward the end of the month.