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Weekend time lapses: Some angry skies

Weekend time lapses: Some angry skies

A fairly tranquil week in the weather department -- except for our stormy extravaganza on the 19th.

The time lapse videos show just the utter chaos in the skies as winds blow every which way and clouds bubble and then dump heavy rain.

Here are the cams from that stormy day:

Silverdale (Dr. Dale Ireland):

UW Atmospheric Sciences Bldg:

May 15:

Silverdale: This is a good example of how fog moves, even though it might appear starionary. Also watch for the ribbon stratocumulus clouds late:


May 16:

Silverdale: A half day -- watch the gorgeous sunset late.

We skip ahead to the 20th as the rest of the days didn't have much to show. These show some billowing clouds to watch dance across the sky:

May 20:


Have a great weekend!