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Rainbows...without the rain

Rainbows...without the rain

Some high clouds rolling around the Northwest provided a great canvas for Mother Nature to trot out some optical tricks this weekend.

Several astute skywatchers had their cameras ready to capture a brilliant and colorful sun halo, while over in the foothills, some clouds were at just the correct angle to be painted in the colors of the rainbow.

Both of these rainbow phenomenon are caused by ice crystals in those clouds.  The crystals refract the sun's light like a prism into the colors of the rainbow. 

The one above was sent in by YouNews contributor BethM. Here are some others sent in from Sunday and Monday:

From YouNews contributor: GeorgeKamilos:

By: Crystal French:

By: Tom Gwilym

By: Laura Artz

And a great sunset photo by YouNews contributor: Augustintheredman