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Weekend time lapse: Gorgeous sunset edition

Weekend time lapse: Gorgeous sunset edition

With mostly sunny skies the rule this week, the weather was pretty lame for time lapses, but in the evening, it sure made for some brilliant sunsets.

Some sunsets were made even more stunning by smoke from the wildfires in British Columbia.

There's a few other tidbits tossed in this week as well, including a great day of billowing clouds over the Olympics and Mother Nature tries disco on the Hood Canal.

First up, the sunsets -- this group from Dr. Dale Ireland's camera near Silverdale:


June 3:


June 4:

June 5:

June 8:

UW: And here is the sunset from the UW camera -- really shows off the smoke and red sun!

June 7: This one is interesting because the sun breaks make it look like a disco ball is on the Hood Canal -- either that, or it's the largest spotlight array ever!

June 10: Not so much the sunset, but watch the billowing clouds over the Olympics. You almost need some flute-type oomp-pah music watching this one.


Have a great weekend!!!