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Our sunsets are prettier than yours

Our sunsets are prettier than yours

OK, so Seattle doesn't have much of a reputation of getting to see the sun too often. But when the clouds part in the evening, it is hard to top a Pacific Northwest sunset.

Case in point is this spectacular sunset shot from Clane Gessel, who snapped this photo out in the Olympic National park recently.

Clane was gracious enough to make a larger version available for those who want to use it as a computer desktop (as I have done here at my computer). You can download it at this link.

And here's another one, taken from a reader in Mukilteo from Sunday night:

While not a sunset -- this photo shows a nice hole in the sky, created by sinking air that dries up surrounding moisture. It's by YouNews contributor "Sarahsphotos."

While we're on the subject of pretty pictures, here are some time lapse videos to make up for last week when the end of the dry streak took the time lapse's usual Friday slot:

The most dramatic was on June 19 which showed an incredible convergence zone battling right over the University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences building:

June 17 also was a pretty good rainy day as the dry streak comes to an end:

Silverdale, from Dr. Dale Ireland:

Back to the UW: Watch the clouds drift like they're doing the Electric Slide (Alert! Obscure 1980s reference!) You can also see the clear hole in the sky like the photo above appear in the time lapse about half way through. At the end -- the day gets stormy!

And finally, on June 22, watch how the upper air flow can be completely different than what's going on in the lower levels: