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Rain fans get their say

Rain fans get their say

A lot of people are all smiles when the sun is out, but there is also a very large percentage of Western Washington residents (myself included) who are bigger fans of our typical rainy, cool weather (and that's why they live here.)  I've been hearing from quite a few of them asking for what we can do to stem the upcoming heat wave.

Carol Smith even sent a nice poem, which I thought I'd share today to represent those who are looking forward to the day the raindrops reappear on our extended forecast graphic :)


Who'll Stop the Reign?

Oh drat! Another day of sun
Where one more hour of outdoor fun
Or one more sparkle on the Sound
Might serve to put me in the ground

A little sun is fine, you bet
But when I find the national debt
Is listed on my water bill
Of all this dry, I've had my fill

Besides, we natives were not made
To thrive, when left out of the shade
Nor will our webbed feet long endure
Without that blessed water cure

The unrelenting, dreary cheer
That all this sun has brought this year
Like eating too much chocolate cake
Is far too rich for us to take

So please bring back, for just a while
That world in which our gardens smile
Where rain bids thirst a fond goodbye
And my martini's all that's dry