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UW to Seattle all-time heat record: You're goin' down!

UW to Seattle all-time heat record: You're goin' down!

Well, if the UW forecast model has its say, we're going to need a really big eraser for the record books.

The relatively new "Probcast" (short for "Probability Forecast") web site, which takes a current weather situation and applies slightly different scenarios to give a better range of a forecast certainty (read more about it here) is forecasting something that's never been forecast here before -- a triple digit high temperature in Seattle.

The graphic above is the latest forecast for the city of SeaTac -- home to the airport -- and it shows a predicted high temperature of 103 on Wednesday, with an expected range of 98 to 107.

You can try putting in your own zip code and see what it thinks for your area at

Of course, a high of 103 would obliterate the all time record high in Seattle of 100 degrees. It would be the first time since records have been kept anywhere in Seattle (1891) that the temperature was warmer than 100.

Guess we'll see, but if Monday is any indication, triple digits loom likely.