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Miscellaneous weather musings

Miscellaneous weather musings

A few random notes about the heavens and heat waves, since both have been in the news lately.

Meteor Shower Photos

Did you miss the Perseid Meteor Shower? Here's a few links to some other photographs of the event:

Moon To Make Rare Pass In Front Of Pleiades Cluster

On the morning of Aug. 14 (2 a.m. PDT) the crescent moon will make a pass in front of the Pleiades Cluster. While probably not as awe-inspiring as the meteor shower, it is the last time the moon will make that pass in North America until 2023.

How about some solar eclipse video?

Dr. Dale Ireland-- who does all the time lapse videos from Silverdale -- noted my recent blog entry on the image of the moon's shadow cast on the planet. He sent me a link to his YouTube video of a 9 minute movie he produced when he and his family took a trip to Cabo in Mexico to see the total solar eclipse in 1991.

How about some more heat wave stats?

A statistician computed that when Seattle hit 103 on July 29, breaking its all time record by 3 full degrees, it was akin to a 233-year heat wave event. Now, 118 years of climate records is actually a small sample size, so it has some variability in the calculations but roughly speaking it gets that hot here roughly every 233 years.

Why was it so humid leading up to the 103 degree day?

That 103 degree day gets all the glory, but the two days' prior, it probably felt worse despite temperatures in the 90s. That was due to a rare pattern where we "imported" humidity from Canada.

Check out more in Prof. Cliff Mass' weather blog.