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It's hot....again

It's hot....again

The record book for high temperatures is already a wasteland of eraser shards with the very hot summer we've gone though, but it might be time to wipe out a few more entries.

A thermal trough is bringing a hot Wednesday to Western Washington, arguably bringing our fourth or fifth heat wave depending on how you want to score it.

Highs were expected to reach close to, if not over 90 degrees in Seattle, adding a few degrees to the Cascade foothills and Southwestern Interior, and then subtracting a few under 90 for the coast and north interior.

Seattle's record high is 88, set in 1967.  That's just one record we're watching.

If Seattle were to reach 90 degrees, it would be the eighth time this year we've hit 90 -- tying it for second most with 1988, and one short of the record of nine set in 1958.

However, it probably feels worse this summer because we've had three days at 89 degrees (so close!), while 1958 just had one, (and come on, 89 feels just as hot as 90). In fact, those 89s instead of 90s thwarted a good number of all-time records from being broken -- namely the consecutive days at or over 90, which had an 89 at the start of our streak this year, leaving us a day short of tying it.

(So technically, we've probably tied the record of days at 89 or hotter at 10, and could break it today.)

By mid-August, 90s are starting to get more difficult to attain, as 80s start to become more common in the high temperature records than 90s.  In fact, only 10 percent of Seattle's 90 degree days come after Aug. 15.

But 90s can show up into September -- in fact, Sept. 22 holds the honor as latest 90 degree day in Seattle. And this year, where reaching 90 is about as common as traffic cones on 405, it wouldn't surprise me to see another 90 at some point this year, and if you believe the super long range models, they hint at warmer weather again around Labor Day, but this early, that is really subject to change.

Statistics would also suggest, as you might imagine, that we've likely used up our hot day quota this year.  In a typical year, we get about 25 days at 80 or hotter, 10 of which are 85 or over, with two at 90 or hotter and a 95 every other year and a 100 or better about once every 50 years.

This year through Tuesday, with still about another month of possible warm temperatures, we're at 28 days over 80, 17 over 85, 7 at 90 or hotter and 3 at 95 or hotter (including our infamous 103.) We'll likely add a couple more to the 80 and 85 tallies by Friday.

For those that are done with the heat, there is good news. Some cooling comes in Thursday, and then a bigger push of cool air rolls in Thursday night, knocking Friday's highs back into the 70s.

We then stay generally in the 70s for the next week, giving us some time to go out and replace our worn erasers :)