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Behold the awesome power of Mother Nature

Behold the awesome power of Mother Nature

NASA is taking some fancy photos of Hurricane Bill as it churns away out in the Atlantic.

Here is a short video clip of various satellite images:

And this one (the full size version of the main story image) is courtesy of the bright, shiny new NASA Satellite GOES-14, which just went into service in late July.

Speaking of GOES-14 -- here is one of the first shots the satellite took by the new weather satellite on Aug. 17. This image is color-corrected and is a mix of visible and infrared spectrum. Note Hurricane Bill there over on the right edge of the planet near the equator. (Photo courtesy: NASA/GOES Project.)

And finally -- did it seem kinda hazy last week? Blame Canada. Smoke from wildfires burning in British Columbia got caught in a northerly flow and was blown south over Washington. Here's a fantastic shot from a NOAA satellite (Also note the marine clouds building off the coast -- those were the ones that came rushing inland on Friday.