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Getting warm? Must be the middle of the week!

Getting warm? Must be the middle of the week!
Cooling off in Kent, by YouNews contributor cshaulis

Here we are once again flirting with a record high temperature in the middle of the week, and it got me to thinking -- is this déjà vu? (Actually, it's not, as one of my fellow web content producers likes to point out. Déjà vu is the actual sense you've seen something before, not just something that repeats itself.)

Anyway, a high temperature zooming past 85 is something we've seen quite often (18 so far!), especially on Wednesdays and Thursday, it seemed, and it's especially "déjà vu-ish" in that we just had a high of 87 last Thursday amid a semi warm Wednesday and then cool down for Friday. And then lo and behold, here's almost an identical scenario painted out this week.

So I went back and checked -- amid this very hot summer, have most of the hot days migrated to the middle of the week?

Apparently so. Going back to June 1st, here are the average high temperatures through this past Tuesday, broken down by day of the week:

Wednesday: 77.75
Tuesday: 77.38
Thursday: 77.30
Saturday: 76.25
Friday: 75.67
Monday: 75.60
Sunday: 73.90

And if we do get 7 degrees warmer this Thursday than Wednesday, it would but Thursday and Wednesday in a near dead-heat (no pun intended) for the top spots.

The stats are likely skewed a bit by the fact that our mega heat wave peaked over the Tuesday through Thursday period in late July, but it is amazing that the mid week has been much hotter than the weekends.