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Coming soon to an e-mail near you: wind-blown hay bales?

Coming soon to an e-mail near you: wind-blown hay bales?

If you haven't seen these photos yet in your e-mail inbox, you probably will sometime soon. It's the latest e-mail to make the rounds of awesome weather events, even if the e-mail itself isn't quite correct.

In the e-mail we received, it purports these are photos taken in the aftermath of a windstorm that went through Medicine Hat, Alberta "last week" although the e-mail has been making the rounds since at least early August., a go-to source on validity of such e-mail forwards, does not as yet have an entry for this. I haven't found any original news source for the photos to verify these were wind-blown in Medicine Hat, but the theory is sound. Out in the flatlands up there, they do get a lot of wind.

I can't say for sure if the bales do indeed weigh 1,600 pounds each with some traveling 5 miles, as the e-mail claims, but a good wind event could indeed push some hay bales some distance.

But even if the facts don't end up true, it's still a pretty good indication of the power of Mother Nature (or some prankster with WAY too much time on their hands :) )

While I've got you here, if you do ever get e-mailed photos of some other storm clouds that claim they're from Hurricane Katrina, that one is false :)