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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, weather edition

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, weather edition
Photo By: Ian Bond

Think of it as the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, weather edition. When a tornado touched down in Buckley on Sunday, it destroyed a century old barn and huge silo.

Here is the aftermath of the storm:


While our news crew was out covering the event, a local photographer, Ian Bond dropped by and handed our crew a CD of a peculiar photograph he took on Dec. 5, 2008.

This is a "before" photograph of the barn and silo that was destroyed Sunday.

But the photograph was to document another amazing weather event -- some incredible lenticular clouds that were spotted over Mt. Rainier:

You can see even more photographs of this event from our blog archives

The clouds were made a bit famous as people have taken the original blog post and it's become a mass-email, forwarded around the world countless times.

Now many of these clouds have been thought over the years to be space aliens. Let's see, space aliens come from outer space, where Apollo 13 travelled to get to the moon, and who starred in Apollo 13?

Kevin Bacon!