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Now that's a rain shadow

Now that's a rain shadow
Photo: Susan Goodspeed
We've always talked about the rain shadow in relation to how Sequim stays so dry, thanks to the Olympic Mountains.

But how about a more literal rain shadow?

The photo above was taken Wednesday around 11 a.m. by Susan Goodspeed, who works in Airport Operations at Sea-Tac Airport. She says there was a plane there waiting to taxi out to the runway when a heavy shower passed overhead. What you're seeing is the "dry" spot left behind on the pavement when the plane left.

OK, aviation experts, here's your challenge for the day: What type of plane was it? I don't have the answer so I can't say for sure if you are right, but you can see that the jets were running as it was blowing the raindrops away from the jets' wake.

Update: Thanks to our keen readers (see comments below), we think we've narrowed the responsible plane to a Southwest 737 that was heading to Sacramento and then on to Chicago/Midway.