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Subtle signs of fall

Subtle signs of fall

Sure, we just came off a very toasty weekend, but summer is fighting a losing battle with the calendar.

Case in point, some photos that recently came into the e-mail bin. This first one above shows a small black turnstone, which is one of the first migratory flocks of peeps that show up at Alki Beach.

According to the e-mailer Cathy Chauvin:  "I could here them trilling and snipping and fussing at each other from the rocks below the seawall. These didn't stick around, they were probably on their way farther south.  Some peeps here, a few warblers there -- I'd say fall migratory season has begun."

What else is fall known for? Longer nights. And that allows for cooler temperatures and in turn, makes it easier for fog to form.

Here is a great photo from Andy Bokanev as the fog rolled in over Belltown one morning earlier this month: