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Gorgeous weather photos, Part II

Gorgeous weather photos, Part II
Photo: Jason Hammel

In Thursday's weather blog, I highlighted some of the professional weather photographers on a national scale. How about giving some bigger props to the local folks?

Although this first one is a hybrid. Jason Hammel from was in the blog yesterday, but just posted some new photos of a hike on Mount Olympus, where he spent a week.  The top photo there is one of my new favorites, and this one below is a close second:


Meanwhile, from a local guy in a far away place, Jeffery Fogg sent a few more photos from his station down in Antarctica. This one is of "Dedication Hill" near the McMurdo Station:

and this is a snowblower working at "sunset" (although it might be noon there, who knows this time of year):

How about some pretty rainbows?Two of them in fact -- taken over Spokane by Christopher Anderson:

Photo of salmon sculpture at sunset on Long Beach by Younews contributor peacewoman

Sun pillar on the waters off Bainbridge Island, by Joe Michael:

Lightning in Waterville, WA: (Younews "exposed")

Lightning in Philomath, Ore. (YouNews "david97355")

Lightning over Mt. Jefferson from Madras, Ore. (Younews "chabode")

Mammauts clouds over E. Vancouver, Wash. on a stormy day. (YouNews "lucyrosemac")


From Alki Beach (YouNews "onelovedesign")

Sunset from Freeland, Wash. (YouNews "brianaries")

From West Seattle (YouNews "sc4bears")

From Rainier, Ore. (YouNews "BrushThumper")

Have a great weekend!