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Amazing sights to spy on a foggy day

Amazing sights to spy on a foggy day

Liem Bahneman grabbed his camera on a recent foggy day in Bothell and captured two fairly rare sights.

What's pictured above is called a "Brocken Spectre" It needs a foggy, misty day with the sun peeking through while low on the horizon.

I had never heard of this before, but it sure is amazing. Here is a good explanation of how it's formed.

Meanwhile, Liem also captured a fog bow on the same day:

Fog bows are generally seen as an arc of dense fog along the edge of a fog patch. The physics is somewhat similar -- in that the bow is caused by sunlight refracting inside water droplets.

However, unlike rainbows, where the raindrops are large enough to refract sunlight into its individual colors, the water droplets in a fog bow are much smaller, and so the refractions aren't as precise.

Thus, the way the light scatters from a fog bow, you get a lot of color overlapping, and more of a hazy white bow instead of the colorful rainbow.