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Dear Oregon, thanks for the great sunset

Dear Oregon, thanks for the great sunset

Many of you e-mailed us commenting on the amazing sunset from last night, followed by an equally amazing sunrise this morning.

Guess what? We can thank Oregon for it.

Turns out there are some significant fires burning in Central Oregon, and the wind flow over the Pacific Northwest has transported some of that smoke on top of us.

Thankfully, the quality of the air that we're breathing isn't bad, but some of that smoke has scattered the light from the sun, especially at sunrise and sunset.

Check out this great picture of this morning's sunrise in Edmonds from Mary Jennings:

Here is a great time-lapse from Dale Ireland of the sky above the Olympics yesterday evening. You can see the smoke streaming in from the south.

Will this affect our weather today? Likely not -- it will still be quite warm, and you won't see the smoke tomorrow morning because clouds are moving in from the coast. Cooler weather will be here by Thursday.