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Northwest shows off again

Northwest shows off again

We all know how beautiful this area is, but that doesn't mean Mother Nature can't provide a reminder from time to time.

First up are a series of photos from the brilliant sunsets of Wednesday night.

Gwennivere Miller, Darrington:

Jayne Mickas, Bellingham:

Chip Garber, Oak Harbor:

Jim Stiles, Discovery Park:

Ken Sjodin, Edmonds:

But it's not just sunsets. Time lapse cameras have caught some interesting stuff too.

With the baseball playoffs in full swing, this one is right on time. Looks like Mother Nature hit a home run as the moon goes sailing over the "wall" of Olympic Mountains. (Video courtesy Dr. Dale Ireland, of Silverdale)

This one on Oct. 2 from the UW Atmospheric Sciences Dept. has a great double rainbow just after 9 a.m., then watch the clouds dance afterwards:

Finally, here's another good day to watch the clouds bubble (Oct. 2) from Silverdale: