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You make a better phone than a window

You make a better phone than a window
The Window Phone designed by Seunghan Song. (Photo: Yanko Design)

Chalk this up to perhaps "why did they think of that?" but a new concept phone gives you a pretty convincing display of what the weather will be.

According to the blog, "The Window Phone designed by Seunghan Song provides a sleek glass interface that changes to reflect the weather conditions outside."

The phone's face, which is transparent, changes to a look of rain or fog or clear, depending on what it's doing outside.

I think this device has already been invented. It's called a window :)  Actually, I'd say if you have any cell phone with weather capability, you can achieve a similar effect:

The Window Phone is just a concept, just like those cool cars we always see with flat wheel wells and bubble frames, but I have to admit while the practical side is probably not all that incredible, I do give them very high marks for the graphic design :)

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