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Where to find autumn leaves before they begin to fall

Where to find autumn leaves before they begin to fall

As we get into the heart of fall, the leaves are strutting their stuff out there. We get a lot of questions about where to find current information about fall foliage, but in researching this topic, I was surprised to find there isn't much real-time information out there.

What I did find was this one link that has some information on typical best places to see the leaves.  Also, Stevens Pass is always a big local favorite to just take the drive along Highway 2 over to Wenatchee.  There is also a National Fall Foliage hotline at 1-800-354-4595, and you push 6 to get the Pacific Northwest, but I just called it and all it had was as short blurb on the Colville National Forrest, which is quite a haul from Western Washington.

So I figure maybe the best information is from you who have already ventured out. Maybe give your best suggestions in the comments below.

On a personal one, I like the small town of Port Gamble, which is over on the Kitsap Peninsula about 10 minutes outside of Kingston -- you drive through it on Highway 104 if you take the Kingston ferry to the Olympic Peninsula.  The town is very tiny -- it takes, oh, about a minute and a half to pass through, but it has a certain New England-ish charm to it, and the road takes you under some large canopy trees that usually turn brilliant colors in fall. I haven't been over there this fall yet to see it this year, and not sure it's worth a special trip, but those already heading to the Olympic Peninsula will get a nice little treat.

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