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How much did it rain yesterday? Lots, or not much

How much did it rain yesterday? Lots, or not much
Sea-Tac Airport received 1.21" of rain Monday in that storm's drenching, but as the late George Carlin used to say, no one lives at the Airport.

CoCoRahs to the rescue. No, that's not a new cereal, it's s GAS (Government Acronym Speak) for "Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network" -- a community based weather reporting system that allows anyone with interest to join a network of other residents who report their daily rainfall to a database, which is then compiled and displayed to anyone who wants to see it.

The National Weather Service is using the data to better understand local variances in rainfall -- and those variances are quite large in Western Washington due to our terrain and vast topography. In fact, with Monday's storm, an observer in Friday Harbor reported just 0.18" while in North Bend, it was 2.19"

To participate, they ask that you have at least a standard 4" rain gauge. You can buy one on their site for roughly $29 including shipping or find one at a local hardware or marine supply store. Those of you with fancy digital home weather stations can use that rain gauge just fine.

You can find more information at The site also has tips on how to properly set up a rain gauge, how to report the rain, and information on training seminars. And it's a great resource for watching just how much rain is falling with each storm.