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Strange, and not so strange, clouds return to skies

Strange, and not so strange, clouds return to skies

Maybe it's just Mother Nature getting in the Halloween spirit.

A new video making the rounds on the Internet shows a spooky looking cloud over Romania:

It comes just a couple weeks after a similar cloud was spotted over Russia. Our speculation is that it's a hole punch cloud, although most examples of a hole punch cloud don't show quite as thick of an overcast. But put the two images together and it does look like perhaps the making of some Jack O' Lantern eyes. Maybe the nose shows up over Bulgaria later this week :)

Speaking of Russia, I also stumbled up on this video that shows other amazing clouds, but these are more easily described:

But those are simply "mammatus clouds" caused by very turbulent air. Those are not too uncommon, even around here. This photo below was taken from Custer, Wash., on Wednesday by YouNews Contributor Winona.:

In other "cool" weather news, take a look at what looked like snow on Tuesday in Covington, but it was just hail. (But it could have been snow. According to weather records, the earliest measurable snow in Seattle was on Oct. 27, 1971.) This was by YouNews contributor Riverwader:

How about some sunshine? We haven't seen too much of that lately, but here is the sunrise over Mayfield Lake by YouNews contributor bwarhol. (Note the nice sun pillar!)

And since it's the weekend, it wouldn’t feel right without some moving clouds. Here are the stormy time lapse videos from Monday that show some really angry skies and clouds racing around every-which-way, thanks to a Puget Sound Convergence Zone that was roaming back and forth right over the greater Seattle area. Not a good day to be in a glider! :)

From Dr. Dale's Silverdale Camera:

From UW Atmospheric Sciences Dept:

Have a great weekend!