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What do you call 7 days of rain in Seattle?

What do you call 7 days of rain in Seattle?

No, really, I'm asking.  In my weather discussion yesterday on the main weather site, I came up with the term "Septasplash" for when all 7 days on our extended forecast graphic have raindrops on them.  It's a work in progress ,and I asked for your help in maybe coming up with other names.

Here's what I got so far:

  • "November" (three votes)
  • "Northwest Drip Week"
  • "Typical"
  • "Seattle Seven"
  • "November to Rainmember"
  • "24-7-Wet"
  • "Noah's Week" (two for that)
  • "Sogga-thon"

OK, some good ones in there, but I'm looking for a good specific term, along the lines of "convergence zone" or "derecho" or "sunbreak" -- something that could go in the sentence: "Holy cow, with the jet stream pointed right at us, we're looking at another (fill in the blank)."

Feel free to post your ideas in the comments below, or just e-mail me at  Maybe we'll start something, or, at least, get the National Weather Service to use it once in their forecast discussion :)