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Marysville to Sequim Rain Shadow: Yoink!

Marysville to Sequim Rain Shadow: Yoink!
Typically, it's Sequim that boasts the 300 days of sunshine (not sure how accurate that is -- I might buy 300 dry days, or maybe with a peek of sun, but not 300 Los Angeles-esque sunny days) but one thing is for sure, Sequim can boast being the driest spot in Western Washington, with just 15-18" of rain per year -- half that of Seattle. That's due to the Olympic Mountains blocking the rain from Sequim when the flow is out of the southwest, as it typically is in the fall and winter. Instead, all the rain gets squeezed out over the southwestern face of the Olympics (and why there's a rain forest there that gets over 200" of rain a year), but on the flip side, there's no moisture left when it goes over the summit, plus as air sinks down the mountainside, it dries out, leaving even less rain.

To wit: in the 75 miles between Port Angeles and Forks, you average about an additional inch of rain per year for every mile you go west.

But not today. No, Sequim's getting just as soaked as the rest of us. Well, almost all of us. Because Monday, the rain shadow was borrowed by northern Snohomish County instead. The wind flow has more of an westerly component to it, moving the shadow to the east. So places like Everett and Marysville had a bit of a rain break earlier Monday before the shadow fizzled a little bit, but their rainfall totals will be much less than surrounding areas Monday.

But don't worry Sequim. Marysville will give it back soon :)