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Rain, Rain Go Away? How About "No No November"

Flooding on Science Park Drive in Beaverton's Cedar Mill Neighborhood
Photos courtesy Eddie Passadore
Reader Carol Smith, who like most of us are trying to adjust to the onslaught of the rainy season, penned this nice little poem about the November weather of late: No No November

What is this place where morning’s light
Now differs not from dark of night
Whose chilling breeze and rains erase
The glowing warmth of autumn’s face

Where leaves plug drains and pile upon
In soggy stacks, my roof and lawn
That I must rake, before across
To neighbor’s yards the wind can toss

Whose skies are dull and mostly gray
And chase all hope of cheer away
Where little more than stick and thorn
Grows in my garden all forlorn

But not until I glumly sit
In traffic moving bit by bit
Do I recall this dreary battle
Is called November in Seattle