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Seattle: Gloomier than Antarctica

Seattle: Gloomier than Antarctica
A sunny day in Antarctica by Jeffrey Fogg
With the two weeks of relentless rain and wind, you might think of jumping on a plane and heading somewhere south -- anywhere south -- including, the South Pole?

Yes, you know how gloomy it's been when even Antarctica is boasting nicer weather than we are.

Issaquah's Jeff Fogg just sent some photos from near McMurdo base, and was boasting just how clear it was down there -- and warm! In fact, it's been in the mid 40s during the afternoon amid blazing sunshine.

Back here? Mid 40s and a driving rain this weekend.

Now, there is some disadvantage in that we are nearing winter as they are nearing summer, but on the other hand, it *is* the South Pole we're talking about here.

Sure, Cabo and Miami have more direct flights and a little more it the way of a service and hotel industry, not to mention some nice sandy beaches, but good luck finding a penguin at South Beach.

In the meantime, maybe Jeff can take some solace that after several days at or near below zero, it feels a little more like home down there, if only a little too bright :)