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For those scoring at home: Forks 40, Tucson 0

For those scoring at home: Forks 40, Tucson 0
Finger Rock Trailhead in Tucson, Arizona by Flickr user SearchNetMedia's
Chalk this one up in the "duh" category, but as you might expect, it's been really rainy in Forks, the wettest city in the lower 48, while not so rainy in Tucson, one of the drier locations.

But it's been an amazing feast or famine between the two bookends of our national climate. UW Research Meteorologist Mark Albright points out that it hasn't rained in Tucson since October 3 -- a solid 7 weeks or so. Meanwhile, in that time, it has rained 39.86" in Forks.

To put that nearly 40" in perspective, that is more than Seattle's average annual rainfall (37").

Or, put another way, that's about how much rain as Tucson has accumulated...since January 2006!