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Snow's in the forecast... in Houston?

Snow's in the forecast... in Houston?
Yes, frustrated Seattle snow-fans who are looking at a current cold snap with almost zilch expected in the snow department, it's even snowing in much warmer climates than here.

A very chilly storm is pushing through the Deep South, bringing snow to some unlikely places -- like, say, Houston and the outskirts of New Orleans!

The photo above is from Houston, where it had been snowing for three hours as of midday Friday. The temperature was a relatively balmy 47 at midnight, but was down to 34 at noon after the front passed. (Wind chill? 25 degrees!). Even down in McAllen, Texas (near Brownsville on the far southern border), which we like to poke fun at because one of our web staffers is from there and brags about how warm it is year 'round, is a "balmy" 41 degrees with a wind chill in the upper 20s. (I'm guessing that's probably the rough equivalent to -5 in Seattle)

For comparison, it was 87 there on Sunday.

Even over in Louisiana, they are expecting snow -- almost all the way to New Orleans (where one of our other web staffers is currently visiting family) -- just to the north of the city they could get up to 1" of snow.

Around here? We're not totally missing out on the cold party. As you've seen already with morning lows in the 20s, we're in a chilly pattern ourselves, which is expected to stick around for a while. Our only difference is the near complete absence of moisture to make any snow.