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Sunny December: The pictures

Sunny December: The pictures
YouNews contributor "kensphotos" submitted this shot of a sunset in Edmonds.

As you well know, sunshine will often take an extended break from Western Washington this time of year.

We average only three sunny days all December long ("Sunny" is defined by 70 percent or more sunshine during the day), but this year we've enjoyed eight sunny days! That's near the all-time record of 10, and certainly more sunshine than we received in a very rainy November.

I've been fortunate enough to have lived and worked in many places (Spokane, Medford, San Antonio, Philadelphia, New York, Miami), but I'll put a sunny day in Western Washington above all other beautiful places in our great country.

And, thanks to you, here are a few pictures that prove my point:

This picture is from Dale Ireland (a regular contributor of awesome pictures & time-lapse videos). It shows the crystal clear skies above the Olympics on Saturday morning. Breathtaking…

Marina Rockinger from KOMO Newsradio was kind enough to e-mail me this picture of Mt. Rainier from Paradise. She visited on Sunday and took this great shot before the cirrus clouds moved in. Looks so good you want to climb it! Well, maybe in August…

This is my favorite. L. Jerry Hess captured this awesome shot right around 8 a.m. on Sunday. Right at sunrise, Mt. Rainier will cast a shadow "up." The thin veil of clouds provided a perfect backdrop to capture the shadow over Lake Louise in South Tacoma.

Below is another shot of the same shadow, taken by YouNews contributor "jaylowe" at Mason Lake.

Keep the pictures coming! And for those of you who prefer clouds and rain this time of year, it's looking rather wet for the next several days… at least into the first weekend of 2010!

- Paul Deanno