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Countdown to the temperature record

Countdown to the temperature record
Photo Courtesy: Ken Sjodin

Monday update: With a high of 49 and a low of 45 Sunday, we have clinched the record. Right now, the average temperature for January stands at 46.97 degrees, well above the record of 46.56.

Olympic athletes can surely sympathize with January, 2006.

Many athletes can run/swim/jump/skate the event of their lives and earn a World Record, only to see that record erased a short time later by someone else -- sometimes even in the same event.

Meanwhile, when 2006 toppled the record for warmest January ever in Seattle, it had to feel it'd hold the perch for a while.  Heck, some records in Seattle have lived for over 50 years.

But no, it appears it will hold the top perch for all of four years.  At midnight Monday morning, we will crown a new champion in 2010 for warmest January ever (as far as average overall temperature goes.)

It's a mere formality now, unless some massive unseen arctic blast suddenly materializes and races into the area from thousands of miles away, which has about the same odds as winning the lottery while only choosing negative numbers.

With Saturday's preliminary high and low temperature in (47 and 45, respectively) our average temperature stands at 46.98 degrees, well above the record of 46.56 set in 2006.  (Average temperature is calculated by taking the high and low each day and averaging it out.) To not break the record, the average temperature on Sunday needs to be 34 or colder.  Not gonna happen.

For warmest month in the average high temperature category, it looks like we'll come up just short. Our average high this month is 51.5 degrees as of Saturday. To reach the record of 52.03 set in 1995, it'd need to get to 68 on Sunday.  Ummm….no.  51.5 would get us second place, just ahead of 2003 which was 51.10.  (We'd need to have a Sunday high of 39 or lower to fall into third there.)

Other neat tidbits: An average high temperature of roughly 47 degrees would put us above normal for March as well, where the average average is 46.2.

January 27th's 35 degree low was the only day the temperature dropped to 35 or colder.  There were only five days in the month with a low below 40. We also had 9 days at 55 or warmer.

Guess we'll see what February has in store!  Odds are it'll end up cooler than January.