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Standing in motion

Standing in motion

Officially back from baby leave today so catching up a bit on all the weather happenings aside from the January warmth record which if you haven't heard by now, let us know how you've furnished your cave.

So, let's see since I've been gone... apparently nothing exciting has happened. (I guess from a selfish standpoint, Mother Nature picked a good time to be boring, but we only get a few months of weather excitement a year and hate to miss out on what's usually a fun January). I see we had a few minor wind events in the city and a decent coastal wind storm, and that weird low pressure system that stuck off the Pacific coast for several days, shattering low pressure records in California, but snow has been tough to find in the mountains, much less anywhere near Puget Sound.

But there was one neat little show over the Olympics late last week. Dr. Dale Ireland in Silverdale captured a full day of lenticular "standing wave" clouds over the mountains. Lenticular clouds are somewhat common around here -- most famously over Mt. Rainier, but seen over other mountain tops and ridges.

(More information on what causes lenticular clouds here.)

What's great about time lapse video is to the naked eye, these clouds look like they are just stuck there, but you can see the clouds are actually moving in place, so to speak. It's more like a zone of condensation where air getting pushed into that zone condenses into a cloud, then dries out as it leaves the area.

As for February, long range forecasts are bleak for any "fun" in the weather department. (Note to managers: I'm taking more baby time off then! :) ) but hopefully something good will come along. The warm January record we just broke from 2006 still had a few cold weather events surface in February and March, so don't give up hope!