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The record no one really knew about...

The record no one really knew about...
As our mild winter continues, I was doing some research on just how warm it was and found something interesting with the last time we had the big mild winter (2006). That year, we also broke the record for warmest January ever (it's the record we just broke again this year.)

But unlike this year where the days leading up to the record were top stories on newscasts, that record got hardly any attention at all in 2006. In fact, I can't find one article about it in our weather story archives.

Why? Because we were distracted :) That was the month we had 27 consecutive days of rain in Seattle, with longer streaks in other cities. Guess that was more exciting, plus since we were getting soaked every day, maybe we didn't notice that it felt warm.

But there is another synergy between 2006 and 2010 -- really long streaks of warm weather.

In Paul Deanno's new KOMO 4W Webcast Feature (Bookmark and add it to your RSS feed today!) he noted that we are at 37 days in a row with temperatures at or above normal, with good prospects toward getting it up to 50 days or so.

Sure enough, we had a mega warm streak in 2006 as well. Back then, we went 59 days in a row with temperatures at or above normal. What's interesting there is, it came right on the heels of a 36-day streak of temperatures at or *below* normal in November into December. We weren't quite that crazy this year, but it'll be interesting to see if we can topple the 59-day streak.

(I have no idea what the record is. I'm not sure it's anything anyone's ever tried to track consistently. Especially since the normal temperatures get reset every 10 years to update for the latest weather conditions.)

Also of note in 2006 -- that streak ended with an arctic blast that brought lows into the single digits in some spots for a couple of days, although it was mainly dry -- kind of like what we had in early December this past year.

Right now, there's no sign of any cold air out there through mid February, but I get the sneaking suspicion we've got one more arctic blast out there before mid-March. Guess we'll see.