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Toasty winter continues -- warmest Jan-Feb. on record

Toasty winter continues -- warmest Jan-Feb. on record
Photo: Ken Sjodin
We've already shattered one record for warmth this winter, with Seattle recording its warmest January ever (47.0 degrees for average temperature.)

Well, it sure didn't cool down in February, which finished up at 46.8 degrees as the average temperature -- good for 8th warmest on record. (Remember, average temperature is found by taking the high and low each day and averaging it out.)

Put the two together, and we can say that we just finished the warmest ever January-February on record, with an average temperature of 46.9 degrees -- well above the record of 46.13 degrees set in 1995. It's also just the 12th time since 1949 that January was warmer than February, although this year was a near statistical tie.

Even if you by average high temperature, it's also a record. This year the average high for January and February is 52.3, breaking the record of 51.98 set in 1992.