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Surreal "hole punch" clouds spotted in Wenatchee

Surreal "hole punch" clouds spotted in Wenatchee
Photo Courtesy: Howard Lowell via the Spokane National Weather Service.

Apparently, these clouds are getting quite trendy.

The Wenatchee World Monday picked up on a photo submitted to the Spokane office of the National Weather Service on Feb. 28 that show these mysterious clouds hovering just to the west of the city.

These clouds are called "hole punch" clouds and the prevailing theory is that they are created when an airplane descends or ascends through a stable cloud layer, causing a visible rift.

The NWS site even has satellite images taken at the time and you can see two little "Swiss cheese" type-holes in the image.

These clouds have been in the news recently, with a hole punch cloud spotted in Russia last October getting a lot of media attention.

And then, a short while later, a similar cloud popped up in Romania