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Move over Miami Beach: Seattle deemed No. 1 winter spot!

Move over Miami Beach: Seattle deemed No. 1 winter spot!
Image by Flickr user Michael @ NW Lens
Well, I admit the headline is a little misleading. But the Weather Channel did a little meteorological survey and named the Top 10 cities/locations that had the best winter...for 2009/2010.

Now, before you think Florida and the Desert Southwest cleaned up in the biggest "D'uh!" poll ever, the stipulation of the poll was how nice the weather was relative to a regular winter. In other words, a week at 35 degrees in Minneapolis would score bonus points. A week at 65 in Los Angeles might feel like a blizzard.

So the results? Well, as you might expect, we fared fairly well. In fact, really well. As in, Seattle was ranked No. 1.

Yes, coming soon to a Chamber of Commerce marquee near you in blazing neon blinking lights: "Seattle named No. 1 Winter Weather Location".

With El Nino in full dominance, we scored major points for having 64 days above normal between Dec. 1 and Feb. 28, and not one day in January being colder than average. Setting the warmest January on record certainly helped.

And then there's this: "Throw in the drier-than-average months of December and February and winter 2009-2010 was fairly pleasant and ranks as our #1 "best" winter city."

Not to be forgotten: Portland scored the #3 ranking and Spokane came in at No. 6.

On the other hand, guess which city was ranked with the worst winter? Miami Beach, Florida. Take that Florida, our winter was better than yours.

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