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A great video to watch next time we're in a cloudy streak

A great video to watch next time we're in a cloudy streak

Sometimes the Pacific Northwest goes weeks without seeing the sun, but if you ever start to forget what it looks like, just bookmark this page and you'll be set.

These stunning photos and videos were some of the first ever taken by NASA's new Solar Dynamics Observatory, a space telescope designed to study the sun.

"SDO is working beautifully," project scientist Dean Pesnell of the Goddard Space Flight Center said in a statement Wednesday. "This is even better than we could have dreamed."

NASA spent the past two months getting the telescope in the right spot, and when it was ready, it blew the observers away. (Well, not literally.)

This video below is one of the first things the telescope captured, an incredible solar prominence.

Here is a link to a high-resolution version photo, and Here is a link to a higher resolution version of the video.

NASA has some other stunning videos and photos on their website.

So next time the forecast has seven clouds with rain icons on it, sun fans can reminisce of what's behind that big gray layer outside :)