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Nashville breaks monthly rainfall record -- in two days!

Nashville breaks monthly rainfall record -- in two days!
Parts of downtown Nashville, Tenn. is flooded on Monday, May 3, 2010.
The Northwest is no stranger to a really wet day or two, but we've never experienced anything like Nashville just went through this weekend.

A relentless line of severe storms rolled through Tennessee over the weekend, bringing as much as a foot of rain to some areas.

And rainfall records? They weren't just shattered. It was as if they were put in the Hadron Collider and smashed into atomic bits.

Nashville reported 7.21 inches of rain in 24 hours on Sunday, breaking the daily rainfall record there which had been 6.60 inches. (Seattle's all time record, by comparison, is 5.03".)

But over two days, they've received an eye-popping 13.53" obliterating the two-day record of 6.68", set the same time they broke the all-time daily record (which was 6.60" one day, and 0.08" the next. That was related to the remnants of Hurricane Frederic in September of 1979.)

That 13.53" of rain Nashville has so far this month has already broken the record for wettest May on record there (by 2.49"), and it was only May 2nd! They're at the 5th wettest month on record with 29 days to go.

For reference, 13.53" is just about 1/3 of Seattle's annual rainfall.