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The clouds, they were a bubblin'

The clouds, they were a bubblin'

I know the theme of last week was the beautiful cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds have had been erupting over the Cascades. We showed quite a bit of time lapse video, but today I was going to post some of the great still photographs we had submitted.

Big cumulonimbus cloud billows (note the lenticular cloud making a hat on the top of the cloud!)
By: Joe Michael

Here's another by Joe:

And here is a towering cumulus cloud over the Olympic Mountains:

By: YouNews contributor A3xmommy:

And big clouds over Sequim by Jean Falconer.

UW Prof. Cliff Mass' blog entry from the weekend has a great explanation of how these clouds formed over the mountains, but why we in the lowlands weren't bothered by any rain.